School Age Summer Art Program 2016

Art Programs are on Thursdays from 3:30 - 4:30.  We'll play Bingo from 2:30 to 3:30 if you want to come early, pick out a book, get a prize for READING a book, and then get in a game.

June 16. Week One: Scribble drawing, add expressions.
   Material: large paper, markers.
   Resources: Youtube of scribbling, poster of facial expressions

Instruction:  Show the scribbling youtube, but tell them not to touch their markers yet.  Show the facial expressions info, and then ask them to scribble their doodle (doodle their scribble?) and in each enclosure make a face with a different expression. 

For design purposes, they can alternate with design patterns like swirls, stripes, polka dots, etc.

exquisite corpse drawing game for kids:
June 23. Week Two: Exquisite corpse
   Material: printer paper, pencils, markers, scissors
   Resources:  Books for ideas.

Instruction:  Put kids in groups of 9 or fewer, but make sure there are at least four on each team if possible. Have the kids fold their paper in thirds width wise and length wise. Then have them cut along the fold lines.  Have the kids pass design the first body, then switch to have others add new torsos and legs, etc.

June 30. Week Three: Matisse mobiles made from blobby shapes 
  Material: string, construction paper cut in 1/4 pages, glue. scissors
  Resources: Make a few examples ahead of time.
Instructions: Have the kids pencil in their blobby shapes and then cut them out, two papers together at a time. They lay the shapes out the way they want to hang them on a long table, apply glue, run the string down the shapes, and stick the other shape on the other side to hold.  Make a loop and tell them not to hang them for a day.

June 7. Week Four: Watercolor techniques 1 & 2 w. how to draw a bird.
Material: watercolors, watercolor paper, pencils,  printer paper for sketching. 

July 14. Week Five: Watercolor techniques 3 & 4. w. how to draw a tree.
Material: watercolors, watercolor paper, pencils, printer paper for sketching     Resources: youtube for palm tree, example for LOTR tree. Trees & watercolor

July 21. Week Six: Jewelry making. Charms and wire wrapping

Materials sea shells, sharks teeth, 20 gauge craft wire, black string, clasps.
  Resources Pendants,

July 28. Week Seven: Mixed media
    Material: Wonder quotes. Other quotes. Glue, paints, glitter, embellishments, scrapbook paper, etc.
    Resources: examples.

    Instructions:  Importance of layers.  Quote, totem animals, background, texture.

July 28. Week Eight: Art Name designs
Material: Pencils, markers, poster paper in different colors, cardstock 

(could do pointillism, etc.)


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