Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Fancy Nancy Party marshmallow explosion

A bag of mini marshmallows, toothpicks, and edible pens...

a little imagination...

and you can have a very good time.
 This party began the way any normal Fancy Nancy party should begin: with a lot of cupcakes.

Ashley & Kiley, icing and eating.

Then something kind of happened when we started making our craft, which was marshmallow bears. At first they turned out great:
Cole's bear

In addition to pink invitations and posters, I made up some fancy words on slips of paper: 
delightful                                splendid                               fabulous
delectable                               ensemble                              refreshments
gorgeous                                fantastic                               delicious
superb                                    spectacular                           unique
I put them in a pretty gift box on my desk with a big pink flower on it and a sign that said:
Help yourself to a Fancy Word. 
It was fun offering likely looking Fancy Nancy-ers a fancy word, and it was nice watching them proudly reading them.
Fancy Nancy Party compilation  from pubyac                   Date:  Mon. 25 Apr 2011
From: "Kelli Brazier" <kbrazier@athenslimestone.lib.al.us>

boas, streamers, tulle, giant print-outs of book characters
  • Pin the jewel on the tiara, pin the tail on the posh puppy
  • Charm School, princess wave, curtsey & bow, etiquette lessons, ballet exercises, French lessons
  • Dress up w/items brought in by staff, including jackets and glasses and hats for boys for those who didn't come dressed up.
  • I told them I didn't own any fancy clothes and they accessorized me from a basketful.  Very silly.
  • "Trick and treat" around library by saying "bonjour and merci"
  • Fancy Bingo w/ French words
  • Waltz. Dance with scarves (to Cinderella's Bippity Boppity Boo!)
  • Make a life sized Nancy with a hole cut out where her face should have been so the kids can have their pictures taken as Nancy. 
  • A meet and greet with Mrs. Devine. Dress a conspirator with a fancy blonde wig and a small fake posh puppy. Let the kids meet and talk with her.
  • Manicures, temporary tattoos, "parfum"
  • Fashion show w/music. Announcer describing outfits (use nametags or something). Red, purple or pink carpet out of wrapping paper or tablecloth. wrapping paper.Parents can snap pics. Posture practice. Fancy poses on catwalk. Can serve as transition out of the room.
  • Card for them to sign for people who donated time and goods

  • Accessories: Tiaras made out of cardboard or foam from Oriental Trading decorated with self-stick "gems";  necklaces; pipecleaner flower rings; tutus; fancy crowns (made with craft wire and ribbon), felt pocketbooks from Martha Stewart or Michaels; wands,  We made paper wrist corsages, like the one demonstrated in this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7U8wo79zhOQ;  crowns http://www.firstpalette.com/tool_box/printables/princesscrown.html  fans decorated with doilies;  Making fancy hats using pretty plates as the base and then decorate with scraps of ribbon and artificial flowers 
  •  ttissue paper flowers. 
  • We had an area where the kids could get their pic taken. At the other one we made decorated wooden picture frames with jewels & sparkly foam stickers. 
  • Flower Pen - green tape on the pen for stem and then tape flowers to the top (like those popular feather/flower pens) 
  •  Fancy Fan- just use two different colors of paper (one bigger than the other) and then tape or staple a couple of curling ribbon to the bottom to fancify. 
Refreshments: Cupcakes, sugar cookies, or parfaits, which they can decorate or not, fruit kebabs they assemble. Pink lemonade served from decorated fancy plastic wine glasses, from real glass punchbowls (they just gather dust in a corner!), or from borrowed teapots.

Favors: Oriental Trading tiaras or feather boas as they arrived.
Here is a link to a Fancy Nancy program hosted by another pubyaccer:

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