Thursday, April 14, 2011

Hi from Winter!

Thanks for adopting me last summer!  I really enjoyed the fish!

Dear Gulf Beaches Public Library,

Spring is here and Clearwater Marine Aquarium had lots and lots of visitors during spring break. I have been entertaining the crowds with moves from the movie, like the "water squirt”, the very distinctive "head nod" and my "vocals". I have also been working a lot with our enrichment team. It's fun to jump around with toys and run back and forth from the window. I love watching the visitors make silly faces at the window… people are totally entertaining!

I hear you are thinking of adopting a seabird or an owl for this summer's reading program. They're a lot like me in some ways -- they like fish too! I also hear you are going to have a really great summer this year!  So happy reading!
Dolphin tip of the day:  Don't forget to clear your blowhole!


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