Thursday, September 22, 2011

How about Winter the Dolphin!!!

Aren't we proud!  We knew Winter back before he was a movie star! 

Winter the Dolphin
August Adoption Update
Have you ever seen a dolphin paint? If not, you should stop by CMA sometime soon because Winter has been painting up a storm! She has been signing copies of her book Winter's Tail, and decorating picture frames for our summer interns as they prepare to return to school.

How does she manage to paint you ask? It can be tough to imagine that a creature without hands, arms or legs could be capable of painting, but if you know anything about the staff and volunteers at Clearwater Marine Aquarium, you know we don’t only solve problems, we eat them for breakfast. The way we taught Winter to paint, along with our other dolphins, is by taking a pool ring, wrapping it with a soft but sturdy gauze material, and affixing a paintbrush to it. We then slide the ring around Winter’s rostrum (remember that’s her beak) and ask her to move her head around. We hold a book or canvas up to this moving paintbrush and presto! Dolphin Art! Paintings by Winter are available at CMA's gift shop, and many days you can catch her at her hobby in the main pool!

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