Tuesday, June 19, 2012

I had a fabulous day at Gulf Beaches

Delaney giving Jade, the therapy dog, the dog toy she made for her
  • Jade, a pet therapy dog, came and visited, and she was REALLY cute. 
  • Ronn gave us a wonderful dog about Pinellas County Animal Services and shared some great pix he'd taken of dogs like Gimpy and Snickers.
  • I got to meet Heidi's baby sister for the first time and she looks just like her.
  • Samantha came, and she is a brilliant reader! I'm very proud of her!
  • There were some great puppet shows put on.
  • Julian and Jaden and his sister  visited and read most of the afternoon.
  • We had the second meeting of our GB book group. The books were good -- and so were the cookies and the bracelets we made.
  • Vera Rose came over after camp and read a lot AND crafted and did puzzles.
  • The unbelievably talented Kathryn made me a two inch origami frog, and it can hop.
So you see, it was a great day at Gulf Beaches!

P.S.  Some parents were asking me if the visiting deputy is going to give a "scary" talk.  It's certainly not going to be CSI or even Nancy Drew (although we are going to make fingerprints for a craft).  She'll talk about how to be safe in a crowd -- if you go to Disney, for example -- and also about how to notice and really observe the people around us -- which I guess is kind of Nancy Drewish but in a cool way. 

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