Sunday, July 29, 2012

Puppets this Tuesday

This little guys are AMAAAAAZING!  As soon as you stick those little google eyes on their little styrofoam heads, they become little alien bug buddies you feel you've known all your life! So see you on Tuesday, when we'll be partaking of mass quantities of styrofoam balls, google eyes and pipe cleaners.

Of course, it won't be enough just to create this little monsters. During our Tuesday session, we're going to also give them names, decide how old they are, what their favorite cookies are, and what superpowers they have. If they speak another language, that will also be important to find out.

Ideas for names?  Got any more to add?  I need some! Send them to me in Comments, please!

Amelia, Alvin
Minnie, Marvin

PLUS!!!! Have I mentioned that the Gulf Beaches Players are also staging for you a Mystery Fairy Tale Puppet Show starring all your favorite dinosaurs!

Well we are!