Sunday, September 2, 2012

Two VERY Important Announcements

First:  we have a new member of the library, and it's a completely different species! It's a fish -- like the angry fish in The Cat in the Hat. We don't know much about this fish yet, because we just got it yesterday from Sarah M., who bred it in her own laboratory. We're going to have a Name the Fish contest when I get back from 

I'm on my way to England and Paris. I'll get into the same train station, St. Pancras, where Harry Potter caught the Hogwarts Express. I'll be a twenty minute walk away from the British Museum, where Carter Kane's dad blows up the Rosetta Stone in The Red Pyramid. The Great Ormand Street Hospital that still receives all the money from the Peter Pan books is down the street, and the Charles Dickens museum is around the corner. 

And that's all just within walking distance...

Later I'll be going to Paris, and I'll be staying in an "Old house all covered with vines."

See you!

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