Friday, December 7, 2012

New Books & Best Books at Gulf Beaches

New Series Favorites: Fablehaven by Brandon Mull.  Just as the Percy Jackson books were based on Greek mythology, Fablehaven gains its storytelling power from fabulous creatures like trolls, dragons, pixies and unicorns. All these creatures are still alive, it seems, but they're carefully kept hidden from the world on places much like game preserves. Only...someone's trying to meddle with the order of things. And that's where the fun begins for our young hero and heroine.

And yes, that's the ugliest cover art ever! So open it up and look inside -- try the first five pages!

Bad Kitty. On the spinners.  If you're a cat lover, these are pretty darn funny books. And if you just like cartoons and silliness in general, these are pretty darn funny books. A great chapter book for second and third graders. 

Perfectly Princess by Alyssa Crowne, on the spinners. Whoa! What can I say! Another gorgeous pastel book series along the lines of the fairy books, only they're about plucky modern day princesses! What a great reason to learn to read!

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