Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Cloning Plants with Debi, Tuesday, July 8 @ 2:00

Many thanks to Debi Laramie for showing us how to grow baby plants from the tops of the mama plants.  Everyone snipped off the top of a begonia, repotted the bottom, and potted the top stems in dirt.  Lots of plants went home -- twice as many as Debi brought. 

Well, we did have a good time, and strangely enough, not a very messy time making stuff out of our plastic bags and masking tape. We're ready to get down and dirty on Tuesday, July 8 with Debi, the Madeira Beach City Landscaper.  She's going to teach us how to grow plants, not from seeds (which takes forEVER), but almost instantly, from cuttings.

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