Sunday, August 24, 2014

Best Wishes for a New School Year!!!

I am so eager to wish each and every one of you incredible readers a wonderful school year. This summer we checked out soooo many books and you wrote soooo many great book reviews. I'm very proud and impressed by all of you.

We'll have the drawing for our Kindle winner, the gift cards, and announce the M & M winner. (I'll tell you straight up though -- Daniel, there weren't 50,000 M & Ms in that little glass jar. That would have had to have been a Willy Wonka magical type glass jar).  I hope you can all make it; if not, we'll call you if you're a winner.

There's a row of pathetic looking beanie babies looking down at me from the bookshelf. They are NOT going to stay up there all year waiting and waiting and waiting.  It would be too sad.  If their adoptive parents don't show by Tuesday (Are you reading this, Trent?) I'll give them away to partiers who HAVE book reviews in the book review jar.

Along with other prizes.

And more fun stuff.

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