Wednesday, November 12, 2014

All Day Craft Share Party, Monday, November 24

I'm thankful for YOU GUYS and here's how I'm going to show it to you.

I'm inviting you to a craft share party all day Monday, November 24. What is a craft share party, you may ask? 

a) I'll be sharing my vast supplies with you, which include my new paper bead spinning machine (yes!), my new paper cutters and punches, my vast stash of scrapbook paper and buttons and sharpies and YES my duck tape AND washi tape! And more.

b) I'll share my expertise and glue gun with you to make paper beads, felt flowers, paper flowers, duck tape bookmarks, tags, I dunno and 

c) YOU'LL share the projects you're making right now.  Juliet has mastered the duck tape hairbow; I've seen Sara's pet monsters; bring it all in!

Christmas is around the corner!  Let's start making!

I love the look of this, and it would be so fun and easy to do too.  I'm going to pick up a few little pads of paper at the dollar store, and we can do this to the covers of them and add some seashells or fake jewels or ribbon or whatever to the front of them and they would make really great gifts.

P.S. The reason I'm not mentioning origami is because I can't do it myself.  But oddly enough, I have a vast supply of origami paper, so come in and use some!

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  1. This is a really cool idea. I can see using this for plain wood frams!