Friday, March 20, 2015

Princess Party, Monday, March 30, 1:00 - 5:00

We had a great party! Thanks for coming, Ava and Peggy and Sophia and Sophia and all of you!

Crafts: Magic wands,  bracelets, and crowns. Note:  it the young crowd that shows for Frozen.  Keep crafts simple.
Snacks: meringues, make-your-own marshmallow snack-craft (pretzels, marshmallows)
Games: Big cardboard castle with blue and white pom poms for snowballs.

We made two types of magic wands.  The tissue paper one is a bit fiddley.  The kids were not so much into learning how to make tissue paper flowers as I thought they would be.  The moms had to help with the finishing, which was quite simple.  I had some nice light blue washi tape and we just taped the flowers to the dowel rods, then finished them off with ribbons and bells. and tulle and whatnot.

The second type of magic wand was much simpler.  I found the glitter felt snowflakes at Michael's, and the glue on them was very good. You could assemble them just by laying them down on the snowflake and applying one to the other side.  Then the kids could finish off with gems, flowers, tulle, bells, etc.  We used very small quantities of E6000 to adhere them.

New Technique Wire and bead. You cut the mardi gras bead to fit your wrist or head, then wind around it.  I used gift wrap wire, but the kids found all that wrapping tedious and difficult. Chenille pipe cleaners work well, and are just right for a bracelet length. You just make a little loop that would fit over the first bead at the other end, and closure is all taken care of. We could have added a little tulle or ribbon too.


  1. What a fabulous event!! THANKS so much for organizing!!

    1. Thanks, JV! And Peggy now has FIVE more magic wands -- she'll be ready for anything!