Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Superheroes, Tuesday @ 2:00, June 16.

Wear your favorite superhero costume to Gulf Beaches this Tuesday! Don't have one? We're making superhero cuff AND CAPES. Would you rather be a supervillain? We've got a good list of names. We'll be playing Die Villain (don't worry, it's a little like musical chairs) and giving away punch balls.

Die Villain!  Thor defeated....   Loki!  So if you're standing on Loki's picture, you're out of the game.

Peter Pan defeated... Captain Hook! So if you're standing on Captain Hook's picture, it's all over.  

That's how that game goes. 

Plenty of photo ops! Ms. Travis is trying to remember everything she learned last summer about making stuff out of plastic bags to create a really big rock for Tuesday's superheroes to lift.

Which superhero do you want to be? Come prepared to make a cape and superhero cuff. We'll also be testing your superpowers.

Duck tape superhero cuff

Materials:  Pieces of wax paper, pens & pencils, different kinds of shapes, jewels, glue, stars.  Duck tape.

  1. 1.    Make your basic bracelet. Choose your color or colors.  (You can make yours reversible.)  Cut one 8” piece.  (Raise your hand if you need help from Canon or Jake.) Stick that 8” piece the wax paper in front of you.  You can pick it up and reposition it if you need to get the wrinkles out. Nice and smooth.  Then flip it over, and cut out another 8” piece.  Stick that exactly on top of the “sandwich” you’re making.  Duck tape, wax paper, duck tape.  Now trim around the edges.  You’ve just made duck tape fabric.  You can do anything with this.  We’re making superhero cuffs.
  2. 2.    Pick out your insignias or decorations or shapes.  There are some in front of you in shoebox lids.  If you’re going to use another layer of duck tape, cut out the length, stick it on to your wax paper, and then decorate and add detail.  It’ ll be easy to peel off and add it to your bracelet that way.
  3. 3.    Make your closure out of a small piece of duck tape. Stick it on first to one side, then it’s easier to close up the other.

*** This is the VERY BASIC way to make these cuffs.  You can make them much fancier:  a) add another stripe in a contrasting color down the middle, b) fold over the edges for a nice finished look. Etc.  There really is a lot of room for creativity in this project.

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