Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Mice, Thursday, July 21 @ 10:30

Mouse Count by Ellen Stoll Walsh. I had an enormous snake puppet from PPLC, 10 little mice, a jar, and a stone I quickly harvested from the library landscaping. Remembering all I had learned from magicians visiting this summer, I palmed the mice and pulled them out from behind folks' ears. Wonderful story!


You and Your Pet Mouse. j 639.6 Mice. Mice live 1 - 2 years, what they eat, they like to play, etc. They weren't that into it, but I heard all about the rat that got into their car's air conditioning.
Mouse, Look Out!  by Judy Waite. The children loved joining in on the chorus, "MOUSE, LOOK OUT! THERE'S A CAT ABOUT." Choral reads are always fun.
Mouse Counts by Walsh. Check out the adorable set of flannel mice in the small props box. Along with a snake and a rock and the autumn leaves, this was a great show.
Mouse Shapes by Walsh. Maybe
If You Give a Mouse a Cookie by Numeroff.  (PPLC flannelboard) This would be a fun one to do with a xylophone. Start by playing a simple  note, and as the requests pile up, change to chords.
Seven Blind Mice by Ed Young. This very simply told tale is relative high concept, so I warned the children ahead of time that there was a trick in the story. Luckily this did intrigue the four-year-olds and they really enjoyed this beautifully illustrated tale.
Mice by Fyleman. Love Lois Ehlert's pictures. Love the mice. Love the cat. 

Three Nice Mice: 
3 nice mice, 3 nice mice
See how nice they are, see how nice they are. 

They're always polite when they nibble their cheese. 

They never forget to say "thank you" and "please" 

They cover their noses whenever they sneeze.
They're 3 nice mice, 3 nice mice.
(Ended up skipping this one for these bigger kids.)

The Old Gray Cat (only I had  young white cat)
The old gray cat is sleeping, sleeping, sleeping, 

The old gray cat is sleeping in the house. 

The little mice are dancing, dancing, dancing (children dance) 

The little mice are dancing in the house. 

The little mice are nibbling, nibbling, nibbling (children nibble) 

The little mice are nibbling in the house. 

The little mice are resting, resting, resting, 

The little mice are resting in the house. 

The old gray cat comes creeping, creeping, creeping, 

The old gray cat comes creeping in the the house. 

The little mice go scampering, scampering, scampering (children run in place) 

The little mice go scampering in the house. 

The old gray gray cat is sleeping, sleeping, sleeping, 

The old gray cat is sleeping in the house. 

(They loved running around the room to this one.)

This year I am going to do half/circle potato printing:  stamp the half circle and add the whiskers, ears and eyeballs to make a little mouse.

They worked on this for a full half hour, stamping the mice, working them over a little, and then drawing in every detail in their repertoire: airplanes, flowers, cats, rainbows, etc.  So fun.

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