Tuesday, August 2, 2016


The LAST WEEK (sob!)

So sad I'll only get to have one more art session and one more cooking class with you! This summer was great, and I so enjoyed seeing so many of you!  You have all my best wishes for a wonderful school year.

I have a special morning planned Thursday @ 10:30 for our VPK + dudes and dudettes. We're going to play school, with circle time and math, art and science centers afterward!

At 2:30, we'll break out our HOLIDAY BINGO BOARDS!!!

And then our 3:30 art project  AFTER CANDY BINGO will be:


No, you won't be making an art project of Mrs. Morojin's (???) name! You'll be doing your OWN name, duh! This project sums up everything we've done:  We doodled in the first session, and you will bring that doodling expertise here. And we'll be using Matisse colors too!

Our Friday Cooking Class will be 

Healthy Snacks with our own Chef Debbie Laramie.  No, I have no idea what Debbie has in store for us. Artichoke leaves dipped in butter? Toasted peanut butter sandwiches? Watermelon rind pickle? These things are all healthy, so who can say? 

Also did I mention that the winner of last week's Publix Challenge will receive a second gift card to Publix? So make sure you bring in your culinary tales of tastiness!

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