Sunday, January 8, 2012

Summer? You've GOT to be kidding!

You know how Santa makes those toys way in advance? That's how I start planning my summer reading program. I'm trying to come up with programs that will make your great brains even larger, and this summer I thought it would be A-M-A-Z-I-N-G if I were to reveal 
the greatest library secret ever.

Here's the deal with Dewey:  Supposedly, when Mr. Dewey was inventing his method of putting books (and for books, read KNOWLEDGE) in order, he thought like a caveman.

100: the caveman is trying to answer Who Am I? There are a lot of books there about astrology and dreams and that kind of thing.
200: Who Made Me? Religion and Mythology.
300: Who are all these Other People? Books about government, armies, etc.
See here for more info: Dewey and the Caveman
Each week, we'd have a performance about a different SUBJECT instead of just a different...whatever, and we'd cover all the Dewey categories.

It would work like this:
Week 1: 000s. Tony the Balloon Guy is going to give a lecture about the Dewey Decimal System using balloon art!  You've never seen this in your school library!
100s and 200s. Week 2, brought to you by Animal Rescue and the following books: Vet Volunteers, Puppy Place and Animal Ark.: 100s & 200s. The 200s are about religion and self help. I'm betting a visit from animals and a speaker from Animal Rescue will make you want to start turning those pages this summer. Because that's who we're going to try to adopt -- an animal shelter! 
Week 3: The Police!  Bring your eyes and brains to this session, because the police are going to talk about how to use them. Think you're good at noticing things? Get ready to be tricked.
Week 4: Star Wars & Legos. Ms. Travis is breaking the budget and buying  Legos! Extra points if you come in character. Not into Legos? Ms. Travis has some wooden castle kits for you to build!

Week 5: 500s. Mathemagic Night! Everyone gets a deck of cards, dice and dominos. And don't think you'll be playing with animal rummy cards! We'll be doing the real deal.
Week 6: Mad Science Would our summer be complete without them?
Week 7: Cesar Domico, our magician. (Didn't think we could have a summer reading program without him)

Week 8: Puppet Talent Show.  We'll make some of these cute little bozos, and while we're at it, we might as well learn VENTRILOQUISM!!! And I'm borrowing some gigantic puppets so we can put on our own show.

Week 9: Geocache at the Library. Using Dewey instead of a GPS, see if you can find the treasures hidden here!

Oh, and of course we'll be doing our online summer reading logs again!

Thanks for helping me MAKE IT WORK! I'd love to hear from you.

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