Tuesday, May 6, 2014

SUMMER READING PROGRAM Schedule is UP at Gulf Beaches Public Library!!!

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Tuesdays @ Two o’clock

School Age SummePrograms

This year we're emphasizing the scientific in our lives, a bit of a stretch for Ms. T, who still believes that there's something at the back of the wardrobe if you can just find the right wardrobe. But here goes:
June 24       Mad Science: Sound. The Mad Scientists always deliver a great show with plenty of hands on experiments and great entertainment.
July 1           Sculpting with found objects. Local artist Gray Wise will show you how to sculpt with plastic bags and a whole lot of masking tape. Gray Wise sculpting at Shorecrest Prep
July 8           Cloning Plants. Our zippy Debi the Landscaper will talk about gardening and teach us how to create a new plant with cuttings. Everyone walks out with a plant! (And some dirt, too, probably.)
July 15         Snap Circuits. Snap Circuits are like Legos with electricity. When you assemble everything, you make a noise or something lights up! I've got 5 sets in the backroom and a team of volunteers to demonstrate. The rest will be up to you.

July 22        Mad Science: Candy science. The Mad Scientists are bringing a cotton candy machine and will talk about states of matter. I think  gummy bear melting would go along with that. Do you think gummy bears melt differently in regular water than in salt water? 
July 29       Marble runs. Crates of foam pipe insulation tubes and bags of marbles are waiting for you to turn them into something.             
August 5    SURPRIZES. We had something like a swap meet last year. That might be fun.

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