Friday, January 17, 2014

Reading 20/20, Books & Bingo, Fridays @4:30

Rico and Bella, our pet therapy dogs (they're wearing their Christmas costumes here) have been joining us for some time. For the last two weeks I decided that I deserved a little off time too.  At 4:00, I push myself away from my desk and get out the bingo boards! I love bingo. Even though I haven't won yet, I've gotten a lot of foursies.  

The boards are made up of words I printed out from Dorling Kindersley bingo cards. I've printed out the Dolch sight word cards for grades pre-k through 3.  It was some fun, I tell you, playing on three different grade levels. Personally, I think the words for Grade 2 were easier than Grade 1, but I didn't win anyway.  
After bingo? Animal crackers. 

And then more bingo.  

The kids take turns going reading to the dogs in another room while the quick bingo games go on.  I keep the stack of word cards in front of me and hand them out, to make sure no one gets left behind or skipped over, but the kids read them out themselves (maybe with a little parental coaching).  I have a regular bingo set too, with animal pictures on one side and words on the other, just to mix it up.

For parents looking for a program that includes the 20 minutes of reading a day our schools require as well as a Dolch sight word drill -- that's fun! -- try us out!

Skyler, I know you come just for fun. 

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