Monday, June 20, 2016

Cooking Class: YES, it happened! (Sort of)

Cooking Class 1: Popcorn

A total disaster?

Not at all!

  • No one was hospitalized.
  • Popcorn was popped (indirectly -- we had to go in the backroom after we blew all the breakers)
  • Many interesting and some tasty popcorn concoctions were concocted.
Everyone who came was delightfully patient with our lack of power (and I mean just regular old power, like the stuff that flows through the wires and makes our hotplates hot, not the ability to fly), and I very much hope they'll all come back.

Cooking Class 2: (Slightly revamped) Eggs
  • Devilled eggs.  
  • Scrambled eggs with or without cheese. And yes, you will be asked to break eggs and separate the whites and the yolks. 
  • Fried eggs. (I sort of poach them -- my secret, put a lid with a little water over them.)
Cooking Class 3: Waffles and French toast

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