Monday, June 20, 2016

Art Class,Exquisite Corpses: Thursday, June 23 @ 3:30

exquisite corpse drawing game for kids:
June 23. Week Two: Exquisite corpse
   Material: cardstock, pencils, crayons, scissors, rulers, ultra fine sharpies (when they were through just to outline for pop)
   Resources:  Books for ideas.

I gave the kids good cardstock folded into thirds. I showed them the sample. Then we talked about proportions: the head and the torso are about half the body and the legs the other half. So we shouldn't cut the paper into exact thirds. The top part should be smaller for the head, the middle should be a bit larger, and then the bottom half for the legs. 

I told them to use rulers to make light pencil marks between where the page divisions should go and the center fold AND THEN to open up their paper and draw a figure on the middle inside. I reminded them that their head would need to connect to their torso and to their legs, so be sure to have the head big enough so the neck would link up correctly. 

I reminded them they could make any kind of figure, a person, Pete the Cat, Mo Willems' Pigeon, an alien.  They got very busy, made mermaids, Darth Vader, hideous monsters, narwhals, etc., etc.  

This project kept the kids busy for a full hour at least, and it was really just a drawing activity.  They loved their results; a girl as young as five and a boy as old as eleven left feeling very pleased with their accomplishments.  This brought out a lot of excellent imagination.

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